Scottish Wildlife

We are situated on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park and surrounded by many of Scotland’s classic wildlife species. Our drivers have an extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and will be able to point out any species that you may encounter on your tour.

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Local species include

Red Deer - Monarch of the glen and found on hills of Scotland and features on many classic whisky labels. 

Roe Deer - A smaller shy species of deer that we may be lucky enough to see on woodland fringes.

Red Grouse - The classic Red Grouse so widely known due to it being used for the Famous Grouse blended whisky label.

Black Grouse - The Balck Grouse is the lesser known grouse species we have on Speyside and has now also become a brand name of another famous whisky brand

Capercaillie - This large grouse is the only bird to have a a gaelic name from the Scottish gaelic 'Horse of the woods’ due to its call sounding like horse hooves.

Red Squirrel - This is the original species of squirrel to be found across the UK. Today it has been pushed out of many areas by the North American grey squirrel. Scotland is one of the last homes of the Red Squirrel in the UK.

Otter - The much loved otter was made famous by the writings of Gavin Maxwell with his classic book ‘ A Ring of Bright Water "

Pine Marten - In the same family as the otter this large weasel inhabits the woodland areas of the Highlands of Scotland

Osprey - The Osprey fish eagle is a summer visitor to Scotland where it nests and raises it’s chicks on a diet of trout and salmon.

White Tailed Sea Eagle - Reintroduced in to Scotland this majestic sea eagle has been expanding its range across the Highlands. From the coast to the high moorland areas we may be lucky enough to see one.

Golden Eagle - The Golden Eagle is one of the best known birds of prey that roams the Scottish Highlands

Buzzard - One of the most common large birds of prey found in Scotland

Scottish Wildcat - The Highland Tiger the rarest of wild cats that still can be found in remote corners of the Highlands

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