Sasha - scottish whisky tours with bespoke scotland

Mark - The Brains

Mark Braidwood - Driver, Chef, Piper ( The Great Highland Bagpipe ) Can be found waxing lyrical about his favourite dram, which is usually the one he has in his hand at the time.

Karen - The Common Sense

Karen Braidwood - When not overseeing your bespoke tour development, Karen can often be found in her kitchen. Trained by the word famous chef Madame Cholet and is the resident whisky marmalade and home made pickle expert.

Sasha - The Boss

Sasha ( a Cocker Spaniel of local renown ) has a sense of smell 40 times better than ours. However, food safety regulations won’t allow her into distilleries to nose drams on our whisky tours so she takes a more office based role.


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